Tie and Tease Birmingham

Tie and Tease erotic bondage and massage for clients from Birmingham, West Midlands, Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Solihull, and Gloucestershire. I am highly experienced at creating a tantalising and incredibly sexy and sensual tie and tease experience. Relax and let go this is a chance to safely explore your submissive side with soft  silk scarfs and blindfolds to produce an erotic light bondage session infused with sensory deprivation,

How much would you enjoy tender surprise touches and titillation, building slowly up to an erotic journey of sensory delights ,teasing you to the edge of erotic submission. My superb tie and tease sessions will help induce intense, mysterious, sensations leading to maximum sexual arousal.

My erotic tie and tease experience will offer you the opportunity to completely let go my light domination can be taken to many levels dependent on your willingness to completely relax and trust your own curiosity to submit to these exciting new experiences

PURE PLEASURE OR SENSUAL EROTIC PAIN. it’s your choice ! Allow me to take you to a heightened state of sensory pleasure. teasing you, building your feelings and desires up. then slowing you down,not allowing you to submit to you bodies desires until I allow it. Simply by allowing yourself to trust me and indulge yourself in new personal pleasures and experiences you will be able to enjoy this amazing tied and teased experience. It is a true mixture of hedonistic pleasure infused with a superbly sensational body massage,

Tie & Tease Erotic Bondage

This is one of my most popular requests – erotic tie and tease experience – some have also seen this type of experience described as Bondassage from the popular new Australian book of that name. I can be as soft as a feather or a little firmer and harder if you wish. Your thresholds are kept to at all times this is after all an intensely pleasurable experience. So come and see just what its like to feel a little out of control and submissive and see how your unique tie and tease fantasies can become a reality.


One Hour £140 – Tie and Tease Birmingham sessions and erotic bondage massages are also available as a two girl experience with my special girlfriend who will gladly join us and double the pleasures and experiences for you. Twice as sensual, Double trouble is just an extra £100 for the full hour.